Ten Steps to School Success for Struggling Reader eBook
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Ten Steps to School Success for Struggling Reader eBook

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If you have a child who has been struggling to learn to read, the emotional toll is most likely having a significant impact. You know your child is bright and full of potential, but he is falling behind his peers and you don't know what to do.

I understand where you are all too well. I was there myself about eight years ago. My journey began when I noticed that my son was not picking up his letters and he was struggling to read words he had JUST read correctly in the prior sentence. 

What I discovered was that there is a lot to know... so as a dyslexia advocate, I created a step-by-step e-book that addresses the issues that my clients were unaware of prior to working with me. If you are going through this process on your own, this e-book will shave years of time off your journey and will put you in the driver's seat of your next IEP meeting.

I am happy to say that my son is now reading above grade-level and loves going to school again. His success is all due to the fact that we got him the right help early on. There is no reason that you to have to endure the countless sleepless nights I did wondering if you are on the right path. 10 Steps to School Success for Your Struggling Reader provides you with everything you need to know to help your child thrive rather than survive in school.

You Will Learn...

  • Why So Many Children Struggle to Learn to Read

  • What is Dyslexia is and What it Isn't

  • Why it is so Important to Identify Dyslexia Early

  • Why a Good Neuropsychological Evaluation is a Vital Tool

  • All About Your Child’s Rights Under the Law

  • Why the Appropriate Disability Category is So Important

  • Why Working with an Advocate Can Help You Cut Through the Red Tape

  • Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Child's IEP: Parent Concerns, Vision Statement, Goals and Benchmarks

  • Find Out How Often You Should Monitor Progress and Convene the IEP Team

  • How You Can Support Your Child at Home

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