A Proactive Rather Than
Reactive Approach to Parenting


For many families, sending your child to off to kindergarten is about following a pre-determined path. We don't stop to ask questions because it's just what you do when your child turns five. Kindergarten is the first independent step most children take out into the world — a world that is no longer sheltered and protected. 

What if you were to choose the path for you child — a path that is chosen by virtue of awareness and knowledge? What if you could anticipate what is to come down the road and choose the road designed to serve your child and your family in the best way possible?

All too often, I see parents take the expected path — a path that has been pre-designed for them and leaves them with few options. For some children, that path serves them well and they reach their desired destination with ease. For others, however, the path is filled with thorns and setbacks. For those children, the end is never clear and the path is barely passable. 

My goal with Blissed Kids is to empower parents with knowledge. To provide them with guidance and awareness before they encounter many of the academic and social hurdles children sometimes face. That is not to say that once you choose a desired path, life with be all rosy and joyful. You will be provided with the information most families learn only by experience and by chance. Without awareness, those families are left with no choice but to react. By empowering parents to parent proactively, children will be provided with every chance to see themselves as capable. All too often I see parents and children after they have been told what is not possible and why they won't achieve their goals. No one can thrive in an environment filled with can't and won't. By choosing a different, more informed path, parents can bypass the negativity and can instead, choose to empower their children before the damage has been done.

A positive parenting approach extends beyond the classroom, however. Parenting success is about raising well-rounded, happy, self-confident children. That can only be achieved if the needs of the whole child are met. It's about nurturing the spirit that rests inside. It's about helping your children discover their gifts and their ability to influence. Self-confidence is achieved when needs are meet and voices are heard. Inspired Spaces is about creating space for your child's individual expression. It's about designing an ideal environment for your family to thrive within. It's about guiding your child and influencing choice without power.

“Some people want it to happen, some people
wish it could happen, others make it happen.”
— Michael Jordan