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Mamabear Momvocate Bootcamp

Mamabear Momvocate Bootcamp for Parents of Dyslexic Children - Are you the parent of a pre-school, elementary school or middle school-aged child and want to learn how to advocate and support your dyslexic child in school? Has your child been diagnosed with a learning disability or is he struggling in school and you don't know how to help him? Is your child's self-esteem suffering and you need help boosting his self-confidence? Mamabear Momvocate Bootcamp is a step-by-step program for moms who want to learn everything they need to know to successfully advocate for their dyslexic child's academic, emotional and social needs. Get on the wait list now for access to the discounted rate when the program launches!

Mamabear Cubcare Program


Mamabear Cubcare Program - Are you interested in learning about positive parenting strategies? The Mamabear Cubcare Program helps you understand the benefits of parenting with positivity and offers you alternatives to discipline so you can inspire your child to become a happy, self-confident kid who discovers the value of communication over frustration. The Mamabear Cubcare Program is divided into three different categories to address the stage of your child's life that is most relevant to you — Toddler to Tike, Tweens and Teens.

Mamabear Momcare Program

Mamabear Momcare Program - Are you finding that as a mom, your own needs have been neglected for the sake of your family? If so, the Mamabear Momcare Program is designed to help you find your mommy moments so you can recover the you you used to know. Learn how to reconnect with the woman inside who is dying to get out again. Find your inner joy and express it!

Free Facebook Community - Mamabear Moms Club - Join our amazing community of moms on Facebook! Get to know other Mamabears who are facing the same challenges with dyslexia advocacy as you are. Collaborate, socialize and share ideas.

Work With Amy via Private Coaching or Join Our Monthly Mamabear Club!

Below are just some of the many topics we will cover during our coaching calls and our Monthly Mamabear Club Zoom discussions. All calls will be recorded and accessible to everyone in the group. To sign up for one of our coaching packages, please visit

What is Dyslexia? – Learning about dyslexia is knowing what it is, but more importantly what it is not. Correctly defining dyslexia is essential!

Understanding Evaluations – What tests does your child need to diagnose dyslexia?

Choosing an Evaluator – A discussion regarding how to choose an evaluator. Why are some professionals better equipped to evaluate your child than others.

Talking to Your Child's School – How to talk to your child's teachers and administrators.

Documentation – Knowing what and how to document so you have what you need to get your child the support he or she needs.


504 Plans vs. IEPs – Understanding the difference so you know which is better suited for your child.

Present Levels of Educational Performance (PLEP) – A discussion regarding the importance of a well-defined PLEP.

IEP Interpretation – A review of each part of an IEP and a discussion regarding what to look for.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals – Understanding what S.M.A.R.T. goals are and why they are so essential when it comes to tracking your child's success.

Tutoring/Specialized Schools – Understanding the choices you have for your children when your child is not making effective progress.