There's only one thing more costly than dyslexia and that's not knowing how to advocate for your child's needs.

Meet Amy Ruocco, Certified Dyslexia Advocate and Founder of

Knowing the "what" is only half the battle.
Knowing the "why" and the "how" will save your child years of struggle.

The "what" is dyslexia, but knowing "why" your child is struggling and "how" to help him or her is what will make the difference when it comes your child's future success. Moms often tell me that they knew something was not quite right years before it showed up in school. Their intuitive voice spoke to them, but their head kept shutting it down.

At some point, a child's struggle in school becomes undeniable, yet the school response is slow and ineffective. Years and years go by, but little progress is made. Frustration sets in and self-confidence is impacted. 

No parent would ever choose the above experience for their child, but it is all too often the experience for most dyslexic children. The children who receive the help they need are generally those who have parents who know how to successfully advocate for them. Team meetings, which are comprised of parents, teachers and other professionals, are conducted to determine how to best service a child with dyslexia. These meetings, however, often include unfamiliar language, legal jargon and discussion points that foreign to most parents. Oftentimes, the teachers are not even aware of how to best help a child with dyslexia. The more educated you are, the better the chance that your child will get what he or she needs to succeed.

Becoming aware and educated will level the playing field, so you can successfully advocate for your child's needs.


Mamabear cubcare 

Positive parenting is not about giving your child whatever he wants. It’s about providing him with positive guidance and strategies for success in life. Most children do not respond well to criticism but respond favorably to challenge. Mamabear Cubcare about changing the dialog so children feel empowered. It's about identifying strengths and minimizing weakness so they can connect with their inner superhero. 


Mamabear Momvocates

When a child begins struggling in school, the natural inclination is to trust that the school knows how to handle it. The unfortunate fact is, however, that far too many teachers do not receive the training needed to properly recognize the signs of dyslexia. Mamabear Momvocate Bootcamp provides moms with the information they need to successfully advocate for their child's academic needs.  


Mamabear momcare

Moms who are in the thick of being moms rarely take time out for themselves or even recognize that they have needs. Mamabear Momcare is about taking care of mom… allowing her to take a moment to breathe and to take note of what she needs to fill her cup. Momcare is all about giving mom permission to ask for what she needs to feel whole again because without a full cup, there is nothing left to give. 

Amy is a gifted advocate who supported us through every step of getting our son the help he desperately needed. Her personal experience – coupled with her expertise and unwavering commitment to the emotional and educational well being of children – make her the advocate you want sitting next to you at a school meeting. Our decision to retain Amy’s services is among one of the best decision we have ever made on behalf of our son (next to the sleep training consultant :).
— Keith and Alex, Marblehead, MA

Amy is acutely aware of the signs of a child who just sees the world differently. One year later there are no tears, no anxiety and no screaming in the morning and during homework time. My daughter is happy and reading and enjoying her school years. If it weren’t for Amy Ruocco I am certain that my daughter would be swimming in a sea of people who were not qualified to help her move through her challenges.
— Holly, Salem, NH