Mamabear Private One-to-One Coaching - Single Session


Mamabear Private One-to-One Coaching - Single Session

50.00 100.00

Discuss, in private, your child's test results and/or his IEP. Or, strategize a plan for success for the rest of the school year. Book a 1-hour coaching call with Amy before the end of 2017 and save $50.00 (offer ends December 31, 2017).

During the call, we can...

1. Review your child's test scores and identify areas of strength and weakness.
2. Review goals and benchmarks and determine if they are S.M.A.R.T. goals.
3. Review your Parent Concerns to make sure that they are addressing all areas of concern.
4. Strategize for an upcoming IEP or eligibility meeting.
5. Discuss anything that you feel you need clarification about.

Or, if you would prefer to join a group discussion with moms just like you, consider selecting the Monthly Mamabear Club, which includes 6 months of Zoom calls (one 90-minute group call per month). Jump on a Zoom call with Amy and other members of the Monthly Mamabear Club to ask questions or discuss challenges. Amy will accept questions in advance of the call to ensure that as many questions as possible are addressed. All Zoom calls will be recorded and made available to Monthly Mamabear Club members.

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